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Are you a property owner? Discover what your property’s development potential is. Are you a Vendor or Self Vendor? Better inform your potential buyers by providing an indication of the development potential of your property. Is your agent having trouble selling your property? Then, give them a Planning Search.

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Maximise your commissions, get the best advice possible and market with confidence with our professionally prepared Planning Searches.  Each Planning Search is tailored to the selected property,  are prepared within 24hrs and are checked by a Qualified Town Planner.
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Get the best advice to assist with your Investment decision. Be faster than our rivals with the fastest and most affordable town planning advice in Australia.
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Rose Bay, NSW
We confirmed a 3-4 additional dwellings.
Upper Commera, QLD
We confirmed that the site had no development potential.
Southport QLD
We confirmed 10 unit yield on a vacant site.
Brisbane, QLD
We confirmed 2 additional rear lots.
Cairns, QLD
We confirmed 5 additional lots.
Cairns, QLD
We confirmed 4-6 unit yield.